We've accomplished many of the projects we set out to do, while reaching many with the love and mercy of Christ and shared the gospel!

Here are some of the things we did!

Beautiful Feet

In this project we are taking 700 pairs of flipflops to the Dominican to shoe people in the villages we minister to, where we saw on our last visit that they were lacking quality shoes, or had no shoes at all.. In order to do this we need YOUR help--we need 17 military duffle bags in order to transport them!


Women's Dignity Kits

In a different culture, women and girls are shunned and forced to stay home and away from people and work once a month. We have put together special hygiene kits that we are taking to show them that Jesus loves them and that He accepts them as they are! We will take them to villages and show the women how to use their new kits so that they can have a life full of joy and acceptance. In each village, it's such an amazing time to sit and pray with, over, and be prayed over by the women who have such big hearts!


Blessing the Elderly

In a place where the old and frail are left to die, often times laying countless hours in unsanitary conditions, we are going to the Dominican with a focus and intention to show hope to the people who seem to have none. Children in the US have colored beautiful pictures with bright colors and the Word of God and we will be able to hang them up in the homes of the elderly to show them that they are not forgotten--there are kids in another country and culture who want to show them how loved they are, and people crazy enough to hang it up so that they have a daily reminder that God loves them and they are treasured.


If you would like to aid us in any way or support us for our future missions, you are able to donate through PayPal to nwamomentum@gmail.com or contact us! Please be in prayer for our group, as well as the people that we continue to minister to.