Our vision:

To be a body that wraps young women in radical, unconditional love, showing spiritual, emotional, and physical support through unintended pregnancy.

Our mission:

To disciple, mentor, stand in the gap, pray, and celebrate with each girl throughout her pregnancy and beyond.


We will outreach to pregnancy centers, obstetricians, school counselors, and they can offer a packet to a girl who has an unintended pregnancy. The girl will come to a Bloom meeting and be welcomed by our experienced team. Girls will meet several leaders from our local area that found themselves with an unplanned pregnancy. These leaders will share the challenges they faced, how they overcame obstacles, criticism, shame, and fear. They will be encouraged to see the positive life each girl lives, and her enthusiasm for children, family, and respect for self. Girls will meet for 12 sessions, learning with Embrace Grace DVD, life skills, compassionate mothers, have availability to pediatric nurse practitioner and certified lactation consultant volunteers. 

If you'd like to support us in this group financially, please click on our Donate button! And if you would love to help with this group in any other way, please contact us!


Would you like to sponsor a "bloom?" A bloom is a young woman or girl who has found herself in an unplanned pregnancy and would like support. 

There is a cost associated with helping a participant using Embrace Grace, our teaching curriculum. We have created a way you can sponsor a recipient with a Bundle package at $30.00 (also see our informational packet on Partnership Opportunities)

The Bundle package contains a study guide, tiara, and an engraved silver charm bracelet. Each girl receives a beautiful 12 week study guide for her lessons. They will use this study guide to learn, grow, and prepare in the meetings with their teaching leaders and mentors. Each participant will receive the tiara and charm bracelet on the day of her baby shower, celebrating her decision to give life, her willingness to learn and grow in community, and have life-giving words spoken over her in encouragement.